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Quicksort - step by step

Tags: sorting

There are plenty of resources to learn quicksort but I didn’t feel like I fully understood the details until I drew out the recursion tree and actually stepped through the partition function.

def quicksort(array):
    def partition(begin, end):
        pivot = begin

        for i in range(begin + 1, end + 1):
            if array[i] < array[begin]:
                pivot += 1
                array[i], array[pivot] = array[pivot], array[i]

        array[pivot], array[begin] = array[begin], array[pivot]

        return pivot

    def _qs(begin, end):
        if begin >= end:

        p = partition(begin, end)
        _qs(begin, pivot-1)
        _qs(pivot+1, end)

    return _qs(0, len(array) - 1)

So let’s take a look at the partition function and see how it modifies the array after picking the rightmost element as the pivot point

partition partition2

Let’s look at the recursion tree and see how our divide and conquer algo breaks up the array into subarrays/problems

recursion tree